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Full-Time Permanent Placement 
For Our Candidates
Temporary Staffing
Many SouthTek Resources clients engage us to undertake placement searches to fill permanent specialized positions within their organizations. If you are looking for full-time employment, working with our highly talented professional recruiting team will give you the best chance at landing the interview and being a good fit for the position. After reviewing our available openings or if you are contacted by our recruiters you can expect:

  • A detailed screening with our team to assess your technical capabilities to ensure that you are challenged and happy.

  • Significant evaluation of your intangible skill sets and ability to fit in to the culture of our client’s environment to ensure that you are a great fit.

  • An assessment of your willingness to relocate if required, and other factors that might affect your applicability to the opening. 

The right fit every time!  
At SouthTek Resources our mission is simple. We strive to provide world-class service to our candidates seeking employment by giving them exposure to the best client companies. Through our years of extensive professional training and over a decade of experience by its staff, SouthTek Resources delivers exceptional value through extensive employer client relationships and a vast network of highly skilled candidates.
Make more informed career decisions with the about your next position with our Temp-to-Hire program. 

SouthTek Resources's Temp-to-Hire program enables our clients and candidates to observe and evaluate a potential employee’s on-the-job performance pared with the potential for a long term opportunity — before they decide to hire. Here is how: 

The potential new hire starts temporary work as an employee of SouthTek Resources. If our client decides to extend a job offer to the individual, SouthTek Resources transitions him or her to become to the client as a direct employee. 

Many of our clients have used this program to evaluate skills, productivity, work ethic, and team chemistry before committing permanent hire dollars. This is a great way for you to prove your abilities and value to a potential employer in real time.

Call now. Learn how Temp-to-Hire also gives you the added insight you need to evaluate a potential employer in order to get a feel for the corporate culture and position as a whole.  
Candidates and companies have come to rely on temporary employment more and more in today’s business environment. Searching for the best contract can be a challenging experience. Or it can be a matter of finding the right staffing company. 

When you select our Temporary Services, you’re joining a long-standing organization built on a strong foundation of honesty, respect, and trust.

Our genuine, professional, sensitive approach to a candidate’s needs is embedded in our culture, enabling us to attract like-minded individuals. 

Once you complete our screening process, rest assured that you will have an excellent opportunity to land the position. With SouthTek Resources, highly skilled professional job-seekers are treated as a valued resource. It is what our candidates have come to expect!

To submit a resume or to find out more about our growing list of high level opportunities, just shoot an email to:  jobs@southtek-resources.com

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Executive Agent Marketing
If your current situation requires some extra added personal service that traditional Executive Recruiters can't deliver than the SouthTek Executive Agent Marketing System is for you.