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What is an Executive Agent?
SouthTek Resources Executive Agent Services
How Does it Work?
Key features of the SouthTek Executive Agent Marketing system.
SouthTek Executive Agents are consultants who work for directly for you. Similar to the agents used by models, actors and athletes, executive agents are paid by job seekers to find them a job.
If your current situation requires some extra added personal service that traditional Executive Recruiters have not been able to deliver than the SouthTek Executive Agent Marketing System is for you. 
The SouthTek Executive Agent Marketing System has been used by people seeking professional jobs at all income levels. It provides services, including personal coaching, mentoring, representation, confiding and scouting as well as continuous access to 97% of all publicly released openings…leads to jobs… contacts… including employers, recruiters and venture capitalists… proven resumes and letters to copy… and advice on all important job hunting topics.  

Those most likely to appreciate and value the SouthTek Executive Agent Marketing System are individuals who are running more difficult searches where the candidate:

  • Does not have a network, or known contacts are not generating leads
  • Running a high-stakes campaign: search must be confidential, discreet and sophisticated
  • Re-entering the workplace from a sabbatical or early retirement
  • Changing career, location, or industry: needs new, targeted inside contacts
  • Have limited time and restricted availability for networking and researching
  • Has a job-search progress stalled and needs diagnostic to remove barriers
  • Needs sharper focus and consistent execution of the right strategy
  • Seeking a hands-on partner: "Can I hire anyone to job search for me?"

We do the heavy lifting for YOU and ONLY YOU until you are placed!
A Detailed Candidate Marketing Profile
Our marketability profile helps people pinpoint their transferable skills. Once completed, they can download a report that allows them to compare themselves to others in the same income range. Our history profile helps people organize all of their credentials, personal assets and marketable experiences.

A Dedicated Targeted Research Team 
For example, our targeted research team can connect you to openings in 1,600 papers, 1,200 trade magazines, on 1,500+ job boards, with 3,000 recruiters, on 300,000+ employer websites and aggregated on 20 metasearch engines.

Most importantly, our Dedicated Targeted Research Team able to find the jobs that are not posted or made public.

For more information on our Executive Agent Services pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our Executive Agent service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
A Dedicated Targeted Marketing Team
As an available upgrade you can receive a Dedicated Targeted Marketing Team
to work solely on your behalf reaching out to top decision makers until you are placed first or the service is renewed.  

(The service does not auto–renew to avoid unnecessary charges.)

Dedicated Targeted Marketing Team consists of a Dedicated Call Center, Dedicated Email Marketing, Automated Email Marketing, and Candidate Video Introduction.

We take it a step further:
We do the hard work for you — finding opportunities, screening companies and making your interview appointments. While we can’t interview for you, we can provide all the support and advice you need to walk in prepared and confident. When your interview is finished, we’ll step in to negotiate and close the deal.
Individualized consulting:
  • Evaluation and Focus of career objectives and options. 
  • Personal Marketing and Planning to identify qualifications, and viable industries. 
  • Development of resume(s) or profile(s) to provide the best presentation. 
  • Interview preparation, personal presentation, interview evaluation and proper follow-up. 
  • Offer Assessment and compensation negotiation preparation.

Our team will edit resumes, upload resumes to different job boards, VMS, and ATS systems. We have a huge internal database of client contacts which our recruiting team has access to in order to effectively identify and reach key decision makers to get you interviewed.

Expert Level Coaching and Advice
We provide expert advice and coaching on Cover Letter Strategies, Resume Formatting Strategies, and Interview Techniques that will get you interviewed and hired!
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